Where most typical artist biographies open with a name, followed by a firm, fixed
geographical location, when writing about Amelie Tobien, we have a problem.
Amelie may well have been born and raised in the mountainous climes of Salzburg,
educated in the wine regions of Bordeaux, and found her voice after closing time
within the whiskey soaked bars of Dublin. But the truth is, for Amelie, home isn’t
where she’s been, or even where she’s headed. It’s where she is right now.
Across her sparse, brittle arrangements, Tobien’s voice is laid bare, emotive, deep
and haunting, telling truths that bring hairs to rise and leave spines shuddering.
While natively a German speaker, Amelie’s creative mother tongue is English, which
she uses poetically to once again cross the threshold of geography, and share her
stories with her friends and chosen family from across the world.


Aramboa is the alias of Vienna-based producer Moritz René Scharf. Being involved in music since his early childhood coming from a jazz background in guitar, he started producing and performing electronic music. After a first release experimenting on the edge of electronica/downtempo, shaped by lively collaborations, especially with singer Elena Shirin, international festival appearances in Europe, the U.S. and South-Africa followed. He's now presenting his latest studio-works where dreamy/artificial soundscapes and a catchy live brass-section collide into a beat-driven euphoric dancefloor experience. 
Additionally Aramboa is currently working with Moonchild Sanelly, co-producing her new album.


Christoph „christoh“ Ertl is a musician and producer based in Vienna who is mostly known as singer and frontman of the band “Gospel Dating Service”. Having focused on producing and songwriting since 2017, christoh drops his first solo-release in December. effortlessly he combines lo-fi with hi-fi, club vibes with concert hall flair, as well as pop elements with experimental sounds. Artistic freedom is essential for christoh’s music and thus creates a strong expressive character within his self-produced soundscapes.


Während es der einen „Nation“ ein kaum überwindbares Trauma zumutete, nährte sich jenseits der Grenze eine ganze Generationen am Geschehenen. „I werd narrisch“ schrie der Kommentator als Österreich bei der WM 1978 in Spanien, Deutschland aus dem Pokal schoss. Dabei jedoch selber ausschied. Im Gewühl dieser Gefühlszustände liegt die Stadt Cordoba, oder besser gesagt die Newcomerband Cordoba78.

Eigentlich haben die 5 Jungs aus Vorarlberg/Österreich ja so gar nichts mit Fußball am Hut. 
Die Assoziation könnte aber nicht treffender sein. Singen sie doch von Themen die uns zu Luftsprüngen verleiten, beschwören in uns Schmerzen um sie sogleich mit Lyrik und Melodien zu vertreiben. Lädt die samtig-weiche Stimme zu Sentimentalem ein, brechen die Instrumentals dann doch auch jeder aufkommenden Schnulze das Genick und laden uns stetig ein an das große Wunder zu glauben. Womöglich meinen sie damit ja die große Sensation, die ein jedes Leben in sich trägt. Ich bezogene Kunst, für alle!


EFEU hat sich in Wien niedergelassen und züchten in ihren rauchgeschwängerten Proberäumen alles, was ihnen einfällt - auch das Sinnlose wird liebevoll aufgenommen. Selbst das Unkraut bekommt einen Platz im Garten. Sie bezeichnen sich als Kollektiv - Freunde, die es lieben, wenn der Tag dunkel wird und sie dabei nur von einer brummenden Gitarrensaite begleitet werden.


ELSA are Pipo Fuhs, Lukas Mayer, Michael Stöger and Max Zauner from Vienna. They might not be what you expect them to be, however they are exactly what you've been looking for. Raspy Austrian alternative rock sing-along songs with jazz, folk and Wienerlied elements. 


Good Wilson are Günther Paulitsch, Alex Connaughton, Mario Fartacek and Julian Pieber from Austria. Together they invented a brand-new music style they refer to as “sky gaze” – dream pop for starring at the sky and letting the mind drift off. The ethereal but catchy sound structure decoys the listener into letting go of everyday life and completely disconnect from reality. 


Mantha combines genres like UK Garage, Big Beat and Industrial. Through hectic beats, static noise and rolling bass his songs create a hounded atmosphere, which, joined by melancholic melodies and soundscapes are super danceable and arousing.
Rough and fierce drums are accompanied by aggressive vocal chops, heavy bass lines and electro-acoustic sound-experiments.


MIBLU is an Austrian singer & songwriter focused on glistening electro pop & R‘n‘B. Her unique vocals make her one emerging artist you want to keep an eye on.

MIBLU, born as Miriam Orth-Blau, is also well-known as the designer of her own jewelry label Meshugge or as a dancing power voice from former music projects. 


Pressyes is René Mühlberger's solo project. With his debut singles the songwriter, producer and musician (Clueso, Velojet, Das Trojanische Pferd) based in Vienna, landed on #1 and #2 on the radio FM4 Charts and his debut album was nominated for the Austrian Amadeus Music Award in 2019. Pressyes is passionate about analog synthesizers and vintage film gear, which he uses to bring summery, psychedelic pop tunes alive. We're looking forward to working with him on his second album. 


Being twins, Mario and Giovanna Fartacek spend their whole lives together sharing an extremely intense bond. Fueled by their uncanny closeness and their mutual passion for music, they founded Mynth – an exceptional electronic music project with both delicate but emotionally charged, powerful vocals. Having won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2017, Mynth is one of Austria’s most well-renowned bands. 


Neon Neet is a producer-duo from Austria – Dorian and Phil. They describe their music as “glitch pop”: a unique sound with vibrant tone colors and experimental beats.  The duo pushes their listeners into new soundscapes in order to stimulate self-reflection.


Matthias Romstorfer alias Romc is a 22 year old singer songwriter from Vienna.
In 2019, scouts from the German casting show 'The Voice' became aware of him. In 2020 the same happened with the new edition of the Austrian casting show 'Starmania'. Both times the young vocal talent decided to put his music's integrity above quick attention.
In 2019 he released the track "Back and Forth" with his classmate "Skofi" which has already reached over 500,000 streams.


Steaming Satellites is one of Austria’s most successful bands. Since the release of their debut album “Neurotic Handshake at the Local Clown Party” in 2006, the band toured in Europe and the US with acts like Portugal. The Man, Two Gallants, The Builders and the Butchers, Eagle Seagull und The Raveonettes. Not only are they known for their truly impressive live shows, but also for their great albums: „Slipstream“ (2013), „Steaming Satellites“ (2015) and „Back From Space“ (2018) all landed in the Austrian Charts. 


YAN NAY aka Johannes "Jani" Holzer is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Salzburg who has been releasing bittersweet pop tunes since 2019. His new track and first single from his upcoming EP “Drift Smoke” was released on October 8. 


According to Urban Dictionary the word YAKATA has two meanings: it’s either a goat-like creature that lives on top of the Andes Mountains, or it’s milf in Japanese. Either way Valentin, Vincenz and Fabian really liked the sound of the word and thus called their band YAKATA. Valentin and Fabian were on a semester abroad in Madrid when they started writing their first songs. Both had difficulties adjusting to the boiling heat of the city and both suffered from psychosocial changes, caused by growing-up. Transforming their emotional chaos into psycho-pop songs was the logical thing to do.