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Giovanna Fartacek
[email protected]

Giovanna Fartacek is a singer and songwriter based in Vienna. She is the other half of the electronic-pop duo MYNTH and besides that she's currently doing a lot of songwriting for her solo project, as well as for other musicians. With her band she's on the road a lot and gained experience both internationally and in GSA.

Giovanna finished her studies in Business Management with a degree in Eventmanagement in 2017 in Norway and used her knowledge for her own bookings, focusing on organizing events such as the regularly held clubbing „Live from Mars“ in Vienna. 

Working with artists and exchanging visions on all different levels is her passion and she can’t wait to get going.

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Niklas Mayr
[email protected]

Inspired by ABBA, Adriano Celentano and everything loud, Niklas discovered his love for music very early on. From his first school band, first releases and the first self-booked tour, he moved on to festivals and big concert stages (FM4 Frequency Festival, Nova Rock, Gasometer Wien, Szene Open Air, Donauinselfest ...) It goes without saying that with good reason Salzburg-born Niklas has been pulling the strings in the background for his own bands (including Please Madame) and works as live drummer, touring with various acts. From now on he's also part of Assim Live and working with MYNTH, Amelie Tobien and Siamese Elephants.