Co-Founders (from left to right)

Ilias Dahimène, Theresa Langner*, Mario Fartacek, Valentin Eder

*no longer with Assim Records

Mario Fartacek

Mario Fartacek is Assim Records’ inhouse producer, head of “Assim Playground x Brauton” sessions and A&R.  Based on his master's degree in psychology, Mario experimented a lot with group dynamic processes and knows how to create the perfect setting for different creative processes. Thus he’s great at organizing songwriting sessions and developing creative release strategies.

Besides Assim Records, Mario aka FAR I MAR is a passionate and well-known music producer, sound engineer and composer. He is part of the AUSTRIAN AMADEUS AWARD winning electronic-pop duo MYNTH and the skygaze-formation GOOD WILSON.

Valentin Eder

Valentin Eder is a musician born in Salzburg, Austria. At Assim Records he works as A&R and product manager, he develops live concepts and does whatever needs to be done in the Assim universe. 

When he's not busy with label stuff, he focuses on modernizing classical music consumption with ‘Outta Tune’ or organises events for emerging young talents from Austrian's music scene. 

Valentin studied international business administration and attended courses like the "Musikwirtschaftslehrgang" or Music Business at the SAE.

Ilias Dahimène

Ilias Dahimène is head of legal and business affairs and Assim Records’ personal consultant regarding label and artist services.

Besides Assim Records, Ilias  runs the label group Seayou Entertainment since 2006. It includes Seayou Records, Problembär Records, and Futuresfuture. Seayou Entertainment is one of the biggest independent master rights companies in central Europe.