Y  A  K  A  T  A

© Gabriel Hyden

According to Urban Dictionary the word YAKATA has two meanings: it’s either a goat-like creature that lives on top of the Andes Mountains, or it’s milf in Japanese. Either way Valentin, Vincenz and Fabian really liked the sound of the word and thus called their band YAKATA. 


Valentin and Fabian were on a semester abroad in Madrid when they started writing their first songs. Both had difficulties adjusting to the boiling heat of the city and both suffered from psychosocial changes, caused by growing-up. Transforming their emotional chaos into psycho-pop songs seemed the logical thing to do. Back in Vienna they finished their songs with the help of Vincenz and now YAKATA has a whole album ready to be released during winter 2019, with “Gin Chronic” being their debut single.


For their second single “Heavenly” YAKATA united old-school harmonium tunes with catchy synth melodies and powerful drums. The old blends in with the new and a unique, experimental sound-landscape arises, which goes hand in hand with the theme of the song: “Heavenly” is a mind game about escaping the comfort zone, a raised middle finger towards society’s expectations and a flirt with risk itself, implicated by totally unfolding ones personality. 


„Heavenly is about the desire for safety and security in life but somehow still feeling a strong urge to take a leap into uncertainty. Taking risks without knowing the consequences. Reinventing oneself because self-actualization suddenly became more important than being financially secure. We’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately”, explains the band. In the music video a young stewardess takes a metaphorical leap into a new chapter of her life.