N E O N   N E E T

© Julian Lee­Harather / soju.studio

Neon Neet is a producer-duo from Austria – Dorian and Phil. They describe their music as “glitch pop”: a unique sound with vibrant tone colors and experimental beats.
The duo pushes their listeners into new soundscapes in order to stimulate self-reflection. “It’s important to us that our listeners feel understood and discover themselves within our songs, concerning lyrics and sounds”, explains Dorian.
That’s why they came up with the name Neon Neet: “Neon” refers to the dazzling and flamboyant tone colors and the fictional word “Neet” is a combination of the words need and neat. Because everybody needs a provocative push into different soundscapes from time to time, in order to understand and learn to accept oneself.

On April 26th Neon Neet’s debut single “Extension” was released via Assim Records. The song is about endings. “If you force something to stay alive for too long, it’s almost impossible to abolish it. You need help to end it,” explains the band – referring to relationships, friendships and live in general. In the video Dorian is held captive in a tricky and tough live situation and riot girls rescue him with baseball bats, knives and guns.   

Neon Neet dropped their second single "Loop You" on August 23rd. "Loop You" picks up the storyline from Neon Neet’s debut single "Extension”, but where the first track’s catchy chorus "I can't do it on my own" called for help in crisis, "Loop You" dives far deeper into feelings of helplessness and desperation: "no one cares, I'm giving up, there's no one here to stop me from …". 
"We believe that it’s important to reflect on your mental health and see your emotions from a different perspective. In our music video we look from the outside into a car and observe scenes of a teenage girl's life. Her world is shattered because of her relationship problems - locked and isolated, she even struggles with suicidal thoughts. From the outside, it seems that almost every teenager experiences heartbreak as a result of their first love. It’s possible to feel trapped and misunderstood, but at the same time desperate for someone to talk to. Someone who can help. Unfortunately for a lot of people mental health issues are still considered a taboo topic, so admitting depression can be very challenging. This is a matter very close to our hearts and it is our profound wish to encourage anyone affected by depression to seek professional help. Looking at problems from a different perspective can save lives."