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Being twins, Mario and Giovanna Fartacek spend their whole lives together sharing an extremely intense bond. Fueled by their uncanny closeness and their mutual passion for music, they founded Mynth – an exceptional electronic music project with both delicate but emotionally charged, powerful vocals. Having won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2017, Mynth is one of Austria’s most well-renowned bands. 


Mynth’s new single “Casablanca” was released on September 6th and represents a reminiscence of their childhood as well as a dreamy homage to their grandmother. “Casablanca is clearly the most personal song we have ever written. From the moment we started putting these fragile but at the end optimistic parts of this song together we knew that this was something special for us. Listening to it now, this song is not only a goodbye - till we all meet again. It is much more than that. It is an attitude towards life, childhood memories and good times.”