© Jakob Kratzer

Mantha is Fabian Wintersteller’s solo project. Inspired by Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails the producer started experimenting with beats as a teenager. A few years and a couple of SoundCloud-exclusive releases later, Mantha will drop his official debut album Cupcake this fall. The first single "Brioche" dropped on June 21st on Assim Records.


Taking a pass on professional music studios, Mantha prefers bedroom-producing because of static and disturbing noise, which he meticulously deconstructs into separate sound elements. Rearranged, sampled and micro-sampled those sound elements transform into Mantha’s typical in-your-face beats. “I also record things like creaky doors, the metro and chirping birds on my phone and sample elements from the recordings.”, explains Mantha. 


During the production of Cupcake Mantha reflected on current sociocultural changes, especially on the fake-mentality online: “The fake cotton candy world on the Internet results in superficial behavior and relationships – we’re all made out of blood, bones and bowel, regardless of our appearance. It’s the same with pastry. Visually it might be foodporn, but usually it’s just made out of regular things like flour, butter and sugar.”


Mantha’s debut single Brioche combines genres like Big Beat, Electronica, Alternative Dance and Trap. Distorted synth-sounds and provocative drum rhythms make the song super danceable and energetic.